Trial Events

Recurring trials that test explorers, rewarding great treasures to the wise, punishing the careless.
Trials occur in the caves or tombs in the outskirts of Babylonia, requiring the explorer to work through various puzzles and mini-games on the Web Browser (PC recommended, but compatible with most mobile devices).
Trials will take place every month, allowing users to win lucrative rewards. Become an expert Trials trailblazer and score in the leaderboards or get lucky to win! These include Remnant Avatar NFTs, Alter Genesis NFTs, $REMN, $SHARDS, Badges (NFTs with perks), Hair/Clothes/Eye Color Dye, Character Upgrades, and more!
Between the release of our other titles as they require time to develop high quality gameplay, Idle Commissions and Trials will fill the gap with interesting new puzzles and mini-games each time.
The First Mini-Trial (Season 0)
Registrations: Free registrations open for eager explorers starting Nov 30.
Duration: Will run through Dec 10 to Early February.
Prizes: Prizes include Remnant Avatars, Whitelist spots, $REMN, $SHARDS, Badges, and Dyes. Distribution: Mid April
The First Full Trial (Season 1)
Registrations: Opens March
Duration: Runs until Early April
Prizes: Remnant Avatars, $REMN, $SHARDS, Badges, Dyes, and Character Upgrades. Distribution: Mid April
Distribution: Q3 2022 (alongside Alpha Phase 2 ecosystem launch)
Trials Season 2
Registrations: Opens Q3 2022
Duration: Runs until Q4 2022
Prizes: Remnant Avatars, $REMN, $SHARDS, Badges, Dyes, and Character Upgrades. Distribution: Some prizes are Immediate, remainder distributed after event ends.
Trials are secured and monitored.