Remnant Labs is developing a play-to-earn ecosystem with original Anime characters, focusing on accessible gameplay (multi-chain, cross-platform, FREE to play).
We are creating play-to-earn NFT games: 1) IDO/IGO (Complete) - Q2 2022
1) Idle Commissions - Live on Testnet since January, farm $REMN! Launch in Q3 2022
2) Tower Defense Game - Alpha Q2 2022, Alpha Phase 2 Q3 2022, Beta Q4 2022
2b) The Trials - Live for a week per month, series of mini-games w/ leaderboards!


Remnant Avatars
5555 unique main character NFTs (on ETH)
Alter Genesis
Web & mobile Tower Defense Game
Alter Genesis NFTs
∞ Game character NFTs (Polygon) which will be used across 2-3 game titles
Game ecosystem token (ERC20/Polygon)
In-game premium currency
Collector's Tin Boxes
Tin Box NFTs that can be opened for several Alter Genesis NFTs & guaranteed rarity of box color. Opened box remains after opened.
Color Dyes
ERC-1155 NFTs that can change hair, clothes, or eye color of a Remnant Avatar
Badges / Trophies
ERC20 Polygon NFTs usually obtained through events which gives account perks