Tower Defense Game

Alter Genesis is a browser & mobile Fantasy Anime TD in development.
Closed Alpha starts end of April. Open Alpha starts early May. There will be $REMN rewards.
Alter Genesis NFTs will be useable.

Game Mechanics

An example of gameplay mechanics: -Players have a limited number of actions per day (i.e. play 10 missions per day) for full rewards -Rewards are based on the Account's Farm Power, so FREE players can fully enjoy the game, but will consequently receive less rewards when using lower rarity characters. -Players can play quick rounds of Tower Defense games with $REMN rewards upon clearing
-Stages are all unique and require multiple layers of strategy
-Players can instantly clear stages that they have already cleared, to earn most of the rewards (manual play still gives more)
-Fun bit sized fun on browser and mobile Towards the Open Beta (Q3), more PVE and PVP elements are introduced: -Players can spend more time on challenge modes
-Players can create Schools (guilds), and recruit other players. Each School is in charge of defending against a bi-weekly Raid Portal. Raid Portals spawn several colossal Raid Bosses every other week. Students in each School may contribute damage to defeat the bosses and earn rewards based on their School's leaderboard score.
-Players can enjoy a story/campaign mode.
-Permanent progression is available, with characters earning levels and upgrades
-Can borrow your friends' characters, to bring into each battle
Highly secured through several security measures.
Frame Rarity on Alter Genesis NFTs makes no power difference in game, limiting the pay-to-win aspect, but the $REMN reward is multiplied by some Weight of total Farm Power.