Token Ecosystem

How the $REMN token is used:
  • Stake and gain $SHARDS over time (lock for 14, 30, 90, or 180 days for bonus)
  • Use to upgrade your $SHARDS passive allowance over time
  • Used in some one-time event sales (Land, Tin Box Collections), some sold in $REMN
  • Use to upgrade character NFTs (Alter Genesis)
  • Used in every Remnant game title, future partnered titles and incubated titles to upgrade or purchase some cosmetic items
  • Used in Tree of Prosperity (weekly Raffle-like system, where every purchase wins)
  • Hold or stake specific amount to be eligible for Player Title Perks.
  • Governance voting for game balance (not blockchain features)
*Usage of tokens will send 50% to the 0x0...dead address and the remainder to the Remnant Vault (6 month vesting). This value may be changed in future for sustainable health of the ecosystem.
What is $SHARDS?
  • $SHARDS is the in-game premium currency (not a crypto token) for in-game purchases, obtained over time by staking $REMN or through gameplay
  • $SHARDS is used to purchase in-game items, summon/recruit character NFTs, transact off-chain items with other players, etc.
  • $SHARDS might be bridged with a 1:1 tokenized version in the future, pending meticulous security measures, but is primarily not a crypto token in order to make mass adoption of crypto NFT technology optional, invisible, and seamless for traditional gamers without crypto wallets.
Last modified 1yr ago