Remnant Avatars NFTs

Some randomized Remnant Avatar combinations
1000 Minted on OpenSea Testnet from our community. Mainnet mint event TBA (2023).
Remnant Avatars is a collection of 5555 unique Fantasy Anime styled NFTs on Ethereum.
There are 250+ trait combinations totaling 150+ trillion possible unique combinations.
These Avatars act as optional VIP passes to the Remnant gaming ecosystem with perks:
✔️ Collectible art with semi-customization trait color choices for users
✔️ $REMN Farming (Idle Commissions)
✔️ Early game access
✔️ Marketplace perks & fee reduction
✔️ Private Discord community access to Anime / NFT enthusiasts
✔️ $REMN cost reduction on features
✔️ Monthly Alter Genesis NFT drop
✔️ Claim Female Avatar for some $REMN
✔️ Advantage during monthly Trial event
✔️ Dynamic NFTs, upgradeable over time through event rewards
✔️ Several more hidden perks
These Avatars are not just PFP (profile picture) art, but contain 10+ benefits listed above!
Users can experiment with combinations here: Builder. For sale: 5000 (550 reserved for events and collaborations, 5 for team) Mint price: Ξ0.XX (TBA and may change based on ETH price) Mint date: TBA (2023)
Disclaimer: Do not spend more than you can afford to lose.