Token Metrics
Ticker: REMN Token type: ERC20 and POLYGON (MATIC) IGO Fundraising Goal: 810M $REMN | $450K USD Total Tokens: 10B $REMN (10,000,000,000) Initial Token Price: 1 REMN = 0.00055 USD Initial Market Cap: ~$200k (~$400k w/ liquidity) Fully Diluted Cap TGE: $5.5M
Distribution Off-chain: April 29 (For early staking program to public IDO participants) On-chain: May 19 (ETH) / May 26 (Polygon) Private/Seed Distribution: May 31 (no disadvantage to receiving later as long as before June 2) Vesting: June 15, July 15, Aug 15, Sept 15, etc. DEX Listing (Uniswap, Quickswap): June 2, 4PM UTC *Adding liquidity/buy/sell is disabled until June 2, 4 PM UTC
A low initial cap allows room to grow as the product grows.

Initial Supply Breakdown

Initial Supply: 761M (7.61%) (w/ Liquidity) | 3.8% (w/o Liquidity) IGO: 1.62% Market Liquidity: 3.8% Seed: 1.1% Private: 0.7375% Marketing: 0.35%

Breakdown and Vesting Schedule

% Total | at TGE
Vesting Schedule
Non-linear, 5 years
Non-linear, 4 years
Also earns SHARDS
12mo cliff, 36mo vest
Marketing & Advisors
7% | 0.35%
5% TGE, 6mo cliff, 24mo vesting
1mo cliff, 10% 1st mo, 15mo vesting (6%/mo)
11% | 1.1%
10% TGE, 9mo vesting (10%/mo)
5.9% | 0.7375%
12.5% TGE, 7mo vesting (12.5%/mo)
8.1% | 1.62%
20% TGE, 4mo vesting (20%/mo)
Minimum 6mo cliff, varies
8.5% | 3.8%
2 year lock, renewed unless migrating DEX
Initial swap liquidity, possible CEX listing, Anti-bot/snipe

Staking $REMN or $REMN/ETH (Liquidity)

Staking $REMN provides $SHARDS over time and %APY returns on $REMN.
The distribution of 15% of $REMN tokens is spread over 4 years of staking rewards.
Each reward period lasts for 3 months.
The reward starts at 2.2% of total $REMN first period, and decreases by 10% per period, and 50% per 12 month period. $SHARDS rewards will not decay at the same trajectory (details TBA).
The reason for the large reduction in staking rewards is to allow growth of the token value and because as the ecosystem matures, more sustainable value should be derived from the game ecosystem assets (NFT game items/characters and $SHARDS), also allowing scarcity for $REMN.
Split between 75% $REMN / ETH (Uniswap/Quickswap LP liquidity) and 25% $REMN staking.
Staking will be available on either ETH or Polygon, to be determined.
Users must select a specific time-lock during staking (14 days, 30 days, 90 days, 180 days). Locking for longer will give increased weight bonus multiplier (details TBA).
The smart contract audit is in progress by Certik.
The $REMN staking distribution (% of total $REMN per 3 months) is as follows:
Staking program $REMN % release rate over 4 years
After 4-5 years when Play-to-Earn and Staking vaults run out, the goal is to have reached a mature mass adopted Ecosystem of games. Players will be earning more $SHARDS and NFTs that are the true value of the ecosystem. Value of a sustainable economy is through in-game items, but to keep continuous $REMN rewards at this stage (albeit vastly decreased token rewards), burn mechanisms will be re-routed to Play-to-Earn vault.